Restart Research Institute of Skill and Knowledge- RiSK

About RiSK

An ISO 9001:2015 certified leading provider of high-quality skill educational programs and skill training.

The RiSK (Restart Research Institute of Skill and Knowledge) is an NGO that was organized by a team of qualified and experienced social scientists and social workers to deal with the problems in education and developmental issues of marginalized people, realizing the need for adopting a holistic approach to minimize school dropout

  • Awards

    Our awards and recognitions are designed to exemplify the dedication, best practices, ingenuity, and excellence in our academic pursuits.

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  • Research

    Provides skill-based education at a sustainable and clear level led by science and technology for the betterment of India.

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  • Educations

    Developing competencies in students by acquiring knowledge that enables individuals to perform specific tasks effectively.

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  • Alumni

    A group of individuals have completed their studies and have earned a degree or diploma from the institution.

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  • Facilities

    A collection of books, journals and online resources relevant to the subject being taught and tools for hands-on training.

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  • Departments

    Depending on the type of skills, such as business and entrepreneurship, the center includes several departments or areas of training.

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Restart Research Institute of Skill and Knowledge

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